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Mikaela as Mimi and Jonny Dive as Roger
Photos by Isdell Photography




"[...] this intimate production on the eastern shore is one of the best I have ever seen. The vocals are astounding, the acting incredible, and, perhaps most importantly, every character and relationship is completely developed, believable, and real.

[...] Mikaela Holmes (Mimi) is hands down the most captivating, beautiful and strong Mimi I have had the pleasure of witnessing perform. With a résumé that primarily includes ingenue soprano roles, she still knocks it out of the park with a most creative and rifftastic performance of “Out Tonight.” She is an extremely versatile performer - going from belting her face off with sexy confidence in one song, to soft, vulnerable, and incredibly emotional in the next. Her rendition of “Without You” sent chills throughout the theater and was positively the most honest and heartbreaking performance of the piece, real tears and all, I have seen. An undeniably heartfelt, raw, and stunning performance all around. 

The chemistry between Dive and Holmes is fantastic, and their voices blend beautifully. All their duets are standouts, particularly “Another Day,” filled with tension, power, and passion. A truly perfect match. [...]"

-John D.M. Review



"TBT's current large-scale core company of professional performers only is in town for the summer, so 'High School Musical' is the last of only two productions at which to experience their high talent level.


The two leads of basketball star Troy Bolton and math whiz Gabriella extremely popular characters in the movie version are played by Zach Erhardt and Mikaela Holmes. Both are uniformly strong and appealing. Holmes has a gorgeous voice and she's sweet and vulnerable without being cloying.


[...] The contagiously enthusiastic show is reminiscent of 'Grease,' but with a more squeaky-clean version of teen peer pressure and identity angst. The uplifting, handclapping conclusion brings the expected be-true-to-yourself message, which is not a bad thing for kids of all ages to consider and for adults to reinforce."


Diane Speer Review - The Alpena News


INTO THE WOODS @ The Glove Theatre


"Stand-out performers included Cinderella (Mikaela Holmes) [...] Holmesʼ eye-catching stage presence and adorable and kind (yet incredibly clumsy, goofy, and ditzy-at-times) take on the beloved princess kept the audience practically hypnotized. Even more, Holmes possesses what can only be described as the voice of an angel; strong, powerful, beautiful, and meaningful."


"[...] 'No One Is Alone,' while a ballad, was truly a show-stopping number. Holmesʼ and Andrzejewskiʼs warmness, tone quality, perfectly-matched vocals and vibratos, and emotion in their voices and eyes created a song that was positively touching."


Capital District Arts Review

Mikaela as Cinderella (with Little Red, Jack & The Baker)

Mikaela as Marcy performing "I Speak Six Languages."

SPELLING BEE @ Schenectady Light Opera Company


"Marcy Park, touchingly portrayed by Mikaela Holmes, is an over-achiever, 'I Speak Six Languages,' and decides its ok to lose. [...] The cast was uniformly excellent, with some very quirky roles to fill."


Times Union Review


"This is a show for everyone — people that want a comedy, people that want a musical, people that want something with a bit of a deeper meaning to it, people who just want something beautiful to look at for a couple of hours."


Daily Gazette Review



"The singing and the dancing displayed by this cast was both beautiful to listen to and a joy to watch."


TANYS Review



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